Equipped with an M1-LTE/NB-IOT module, GPS positioning, and multi-carrier sim F100M is the flagship of remote monitoring technology.

  • C1D1 Group D certified
  • Solar Panel power design with 3 AA back up batteries
  • Compatible with any industry standard sensor technology
  • Integrated local LCD


F100 Manual Brochure


The F100M is a wireless sensing node utilized in a wide range of vertical industry applications. Utilizing the extremely efficient CatM1 cellular network or ISM 5.0, the F100M transmits asset/truck data directly to the LevelCon secure cloud. Users receive reported tank levels, asset locations, asset health, and current assignments directly from any phone, tablet, or PC. Within the LevelCon Cloud portal, users easily configure email, voice, or text alerts for low/high levels and/or fill events, geo-fencing, etc.

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