LevelCon’s most advanced remote monitoring device, the Fully CID1 Certified CatM1-LTE/NB-IoT StarPin packs a huge punch in a small footprint.
This extremely efficient and highly durable sensor node offers excellent cost savings with a long-term life expectancy. Offering a no battery maintenance-free approach to remote asset monitoring and GPS tracking.

  • C1D1 Group D certified
  • Multi carrier sim
  • Compatible with any industry standard sensor technology
  • Solar Panel power design

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The StarPin solar tracker from LevelCon is the most advanced asset tracking product available on the market today. It communicates via the globally available and extremely efficient CatM1 / NB-IOT cellular network. It is designed with high precision GNSS systems to deliver precise GPS locations at all times. The StarPin operates from harnessing solar energy removing the burden of servicing batteries while in use. It can also be used as an live, powered up device via usb power supply system.

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