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Since 1982, Micro-Design Inc. has been dedicated to producing high quality, reliable, and technologically advanced solutions for oil and gas, water, chemical and fuel bulk facilities. By consistently evaluating ever-changing energy markets, MDi looks forward and designs products that meets today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. 


Our Technology

Our technology is designed to be flexible, reliable, and scalable.  We can create solutions to fit your operations today and grow when you grow.  Call us today and tell us about your situation and we’ll show you how we’ve helped companies with similar needs or create a customized solution that uniquely solves your problems.     


LevelCon Support

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Our highly trained support staff is ready and waiting for your call. Whether you are at “Step 1” in the planning process or finalizing the installation of your LevelCon monitoring solution, our friendly Tech Support, Sales Reps, and Account Managers are waiting to provide expert customer service.


LevelCon Frac Monitoring - Total Operational Control, One Small Package

LevelCon has partnered with Alberta based, Tank Monitoring, Inc. (TMi) to provide their clients with a turnkey remote telemetry system for monitoring fracking operations. A single LevelCon remote monitoring device is powering up 65 RS485 smart sensors and delivering tank level data to our web portal in a matter of seconds. Since fracking operations are constantly moving from one location to the next, TMi efficiently tears down, relocates, and installs a new operational site in just a few days. Our monitors are simple to use and easy to install and is critical having a site operation and profitable as quickly as possible.


Lead Engineer, Patrick Patel, devised the solution for TMi in just a few short weeks and has continued to advance the system to encompass a remote live video stream of their entire operation. For more details on this incredible cost savings solution, contact

Contact LevelCon Sales at 972-488-8725 or for details.

MDi delivers two portable CNG skids to TECO Energy


February 24, 2015- NGVi Journal

MDi Micro-Design, Inc. has just supplied two large portable CNG skids to TECO Energy in Tampa, FL. They were manufactured at the company’s facility in Texas which is currently in the process of manufacturing several more. The company is a certified GE Gemini compressor packager and parts distributor and has been in the CNG business for over 25 years. Both skids are natural gas engine driven with a capacity of 225 SCFM and operate completely on gas i.e. no external power is needed. Moreover, they have the LevelCon system incorporated to allow the end user to monitor/control them on the web in addition to GPS location and remote video monitoring including cameras and real time updates

The Micro-Design family of products range from sophisticated plant instrumentation for the liquid propane,water and waste-water treatment industries to a completely wireless tank monitoring system utilized to report fuel levels in liquid propane, CNG, gasoline, diesel, lubricant, water and specialty gas tanks. Utilizing Micro-Design’s web interface, LevelConnect, tank inventories can be managed from any location in the world. Its engineering group specializes in complete systems integration services for CNG stations and water/waste-water plants including design, installation, startup, commissioning and on-going support.

Contact LevelCon Sales at 972-488-8725 or for details.

2G Downturn - more than a US issue

Due to technological advancements that are benefitting all of us in numerous ways, older obsolete systems are being retired.  Below is an article from one of our vendors discussing their plans to “sunset” 2G data services in the coming year.   We’ve taken steps to upgrade our customers to 3G to prevent any service interruption.

Today we [Telstra] are announcing our plan to close the 2G (GSM) network by the end of 2016. GSM, or Global System for Mobiles communications, was the second generation of mobile technology after Analog which had it’s origins in a pan European collaboration of Engineering experts. In my view it was the mobile system that changed the world and it did this by creating one of the most complete and comprehensive mobile standards the world had ever seen, this created scale, drove down cost and made the mobile phone accessible to the mass market. Along the way GSM introduced us to International roaming, text messaging and the early mobile Internet. From relatively early in my career I became involved in the rollout of 2G in Australia and through that program and subsequent projects I am privileged to say that I have been able to get to know some of the original GSM contributors from countries such as France, UK, Sweden and more. In my view, the world owes these people a great debt

Our 2G network has operated for more than 20 years and was once the premium mobile network for Australians. At the time, just making a phone call on the move was a novelty and Australians embraced the mobile phenomenon. But times change.

As technology evolved and mobile phones have become smarter, customers have naturally moved to our 3G and 4G networks that offer faster speeds and a user experience that we could only have dreamed about 20 years ago. With new technologies like LTE Advanced the network is continuing to evolve even further.

Ever since we launched our world leading NextG network in 2006 we have seen customers progressively move off the 2G network. To this end we have seen steep declines in the number of customers on 2G to the point where;

  • Today 2G traffic accounts for less than 1 per cent of our total network traffic.
  • We have not sold a 2G phone for several years.

In the coming years we expect to see this dwindle further as we continue to invest in our 3G and 4G technology so it’s time to call a sunset for this world changing network technology.

Over the next two and a half years we will work with the remaining 2G retail customers to help them transition onto our Australian leading 3G and 4G technologies, which provides superior coverage, faster speeds and more services than they currently receive on 2G.

Shortly we will start to contact customers who may be affected by the 2G closure to explain the changes and to provide them with their options. For Telstra Retail customers this may be simple, as many already have 3G phones but have not upgraded their SIM card. For others, they may need to change to a compatible 3G/4G handset.

For our wholesale customers, we will be in contact soon to discuss what this change means for you and how we will work with you to support transition from our 2G network.