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Wireless Remote Monitors

LevelCon’s suite of time-tested and robust M2M telemetry devices puts real-time data at your fingertips. We pair our monitoring devices with the best sensing technology on the market to deliver a customized solution or one that’s “off the shelf”.  Whether you are simply looking for water or lube levels or an extensive chemical inventory control, LevelCon has the perfect solution to meet your needs. Our extremely low-power devices offer years of service from a single set of batteries. We hold certifications from the major cellular service providers around the globe and offer devices that can switch from one carrier to the next, so you won’t miss a report. Our team of engineers have  developed custom solutions to what seemed unsolvable challenges. Let us develop the right fit for your operation today.

Riding Into the Sunset

Verizon, At&t and other major carriers are set to begin the sunset of their legacy 3G/CDMA networks.  This is coming faster than you think.  LevelCon wants you to be prepared for the future with our StarPin Remote Monitor, powered by a CatM-1LTE, NB-IoT cellular module.  Where cellular coverage is not available, we offer an optional Satellite system powered by Globalstar and Iridium. 

Please do not wait until your tanks go dark, contact us today to discuss the most appropriate plan to upgrade your equipment to the next evolution in cellular technology.  Our goal is to keep your operation moving and your tanks talking well into the future.

What is a sunset?

The 3G Sunset is the term the carriers use for making the switch from 3G to 4G (and 5G LTE Long term Evolution). Once the switch is started, carriers will stop supporting the devices that are currently using a 3G network.  This means those devices will no longer work! The sunset date varies by region and carrier, but will be completed by 2022.

Verizon 3G Sunset – EOY 2020

ATT&T 3G Sunset – Q1 2022

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