Micro-Design has over 30 years of expertise utilizing both legacy and cutting edge technologies to develop unique solutions for our CNG and LevelCon customers.  We pride ourselves in the flexibility and creativity of our engineering teams and product managers.  Contact us with your specific needs and we’ll get to work employing the right technologies to cater a solution that makes sense.


LevelCon telemetry solutions have pioneered many of the most popular communications platforms and networks around today.  Partnering with Iridium and nearly every major US cellular carrier provides a coverage footprint that few can rival.  No matter where your data is we’ll bring it to your fingertips.

Sensors and Data Sources


From liquid levels to object detection, seismic activity to humidity; our devices are ready to interface with a sensor that works for you.  We are experts at matching the correct sensor to the needs of our customers. Have your own sensors in mind?  Perfect! We’ll work with you to interface the sensors of your choice.  The sensor compatibility of our telemetry solutions is rivaled by none.

The LevelCon Portal

Getting our customers the data they need at a cost that makes sense isn’t good enough for us.  We want to make sure every one of our customers can filter, organize, and interpret their data with ease.  Enabling our customers to find those profound and unique insights is our passion.  We’ve designed our portal using the latest Web 2.0 technologies and with the help of years of customer feedback from dozens of industries.

Security & Surveillance

Security cameras are a great way to ensure safety and security at your work site.  When connected to our LevelCon security system, all of our cameras can be accessed remotely from your smartphone, tablet or desktop.  Our security systems can be set to be motion activated or if a triggering event i.e. high-high alert occurs, pump activation or if any of our sensors report a dangerous condition.


Every device and component in our solutions are designed with compatibility and usability in mind.  We don’t take pride in proprietary.  Our telemetry solutions employ open or widely adopted standards whenever possible.

Have an existing system that you want to augment with LevelCon data?  No problem, we have a RESTful API included with the purchase of every device.  We can also work with customized dataflows such as FTP, email, or various cloud services.  It’s your data, tell us how you want it.