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Wireless Cellular Tank Monitor T300

Do you need your propane fuel tank monitored but there’s no WiFi network available?  This unit connects to Verizon’s award winning nationwide network to provide the most comprehensive coverage across the United States.  Receive configurable alerts via email, text message or voice call.  Note: This unit is extremely flexible and can use multiple sensors of any type and relays to monitor, control and track any asset anywhere in the world.

T300 4 Channel Monitoring Device   T300 Stationary Tank Monitor   

Tanker Monitoring

F100 Sump Pump Kit


F100 LPG or Propane Kit


Wireless WiFi Monitor

Winter is coming.

Make sure you have enough propane to keep you, your loved ones or your customers warm.  Receive an alert if your basement is flooding or starting to freeze or if you’re running low on propane.  Configurable alerts and status reports are sent to any internet connected device.  Years of reliable service from the included Lithium AA batteries.

Distributors:  Through our easy to use web-based portal, keep track of your customer’s fuel levels from the comfort of your office.  Run your operation more efficiently, improve customer service and increase your bottom line.

F100 Single Channel Monitoring Device   F100-LPG Wireless Monitor   F100-Sump Pump

LPG Stationary Tank Monitor STM94442A

The industry standard.  Specified and recommended by the FCC for LP Gas Fuel Systems at cellular tower sites.  It monitors and reports fuel levels for the backup power generators.

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STM94442A Cell Site Monitor