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Are you listening to what your tanks are saying?  LevelCon is a total asset management system, specializing in remote tank level telemetry,  asset tracking, and remote security, automation and control.  Our suite of remote monitoring devices are second to none. Put LevelCon to the test and get fast results.

Remote Tank Monitoring

Our suite of products delivers vital, time sensitive data to best inform your company decision makers on how to best service your customers.  We offer a simple remote tank inventory systems to more complex full facility remote access.

Using the industry’s best sensor technology and our modular sensor connectivity, we pair our solution to match your exact needs.  With a full CID1 Certification, there is no limit to our reach.,

  • Fuels and Lubes
  • Chemical and Fertilizers
  • Grains and liquid feed
  • Grease and viscous fluids

Put our solutions to the test, and see the proven results.

Wireless Remote Monitors

LevelCon’s suite of reliable and robust M2M telemetry devices delivers real-time data at your fingertips. We pair our monitoring devices with the best sensing technology on the market to deliver a catered solution to each of our customers. Whether you are simply looking for water or lube levels or an extensive chemical inventory control, LevelCon has a solution. Our devices are certified on all major US cellular networks as well as the Iridium and GlobalStar satellite constellation which provides true pole to pole global coverage.

F100M Flagship Monitor   | StarPin Remote Monitor

Bulk Plant Monitor

Whether your station has 5 tanks or 100, we have a solution to meet your needs. The LevelCon QT600 boasts the most flexible data input scheme available on the market. The system aggregates sensor data from Ethernet, RS485 Modbus, and WiFi sensors and systems and displays tank level data and safety shutoffs on a single touch screen interface. Save thousands in conduit and custom wiring with our 802.11n wireless sensors or single cable RS485 networks. There is no asset at your facility we can’t monitor at a price that makes sense.

Our overfill protection option for the QT600 utilizes redundant sensor and float switch inputs which eliminates the possibility of overflow situations. Combined with our camera surveillance option the QT600 offers the ultimate remote visibility and protection of your facilities across the globe.

QT600 Bulk Tank Monitor

Stationary Tank Monitor

Our stationary tank monitor is FCC specified, approved and can be found at nearly every cellular tower site in the United States.  The FCC requires a device to monitor diesel or LPG levels to ensure adequate fuel is present to power the backup generators in the event electrical power is disrupted.

STM94442A Brochure I Full STM Manual

20130316_102952Fuel Management Solutions

Our Fuel Management Systems (FMS) uses the latest technology to provide the most accurate and reliable data to your critical operations. This solution can precisely monitor your inventory and where it’s going. Our FMS is ideal for theft prevention, surveillance, daily reconciliation and more. It keeps you and your assets protected and located. No operation is too big, we’ve monitored terminals with 50-100 tanks.

20150825_084058Remote Fuel Management Solutions

Through our easy to use web-based portal you can from any device, remotely monitor and control your operation. With multiple communication modes, i.e. GSM, CDMA, Wi-Fi and Satellite, it will report anywhere.

T300-Remote Monitor

Copy of 2015-06-12 11.50.55Bulk Tank Fuel Management System

Whether your station has 5 tanks or 100, we have a solution to meet your needs. The monitor is paired with a custom pump control application to help prevent and notify of an overfill situation.  Our LevelCon web-based portal provides quick and easy inventory reporting as well as email, text and voice call notifications.

A local area network (LAN) is established to pull in the level data from the monitors to the local outdoor rated touch screen, eliminating the need for conduits and costly wiring.  Two critical considerations easily overlooked are data security and physical equipment security.  Our monitor can integrate our remote surveillance system and high resolution security cameras to archive trigger events, such as a high levels, pump shut off or an overfill situation through our safe and secure web-based portal.

T300 Stationary Tank Monitor

Remote Pump/Compressor Controls

Why drive to your well site to turn your pumps on and off, or worry that your product deliveries may cause a tank to overflow? Do you need to know the engine runtime, pressures or any other sensor data on your compressor, or the precise location of your assets? With our pump control monitors, you can control your site and locate any asset from an internet capable device.  Using Modbus protocols we give you the ability to remotely change the status of your pumps with a simple command.  We can help prevent an overfill situation by local and remote alarm as well as an automatic pump shut-off.

pump_controlM2M Remote Automated Controls

LevelCon’s suite of M2M remote-automated control devices, provide customers the confidence that their assets are performing at optimal levels at all times. The need to send an employee or a contractor to visually inspect an asset on your site is eliminated when you can control and monitor your operation from an internet capable device. With our suite of specialized devices we have the right solution to meet your needs.

20150903_141450Remote Pump Control Monitor

The remote pump control monitor utilizes cellular communication and Modbus protocols to establish a M2M connection to your assets in the field. Through our robust and easy to use web portal, you can remotely start and stop equipment, monitor system run times, vibration ratios, fuel levels and much more with one simple device.

Mobile Asset Tracking

TRacking & Logistics

Don’t let your assets drive, fly or sail away from you. Our StarPin asset tracking monitor keeps you informed every step of the way. From the North Pole to the South Pole, we can track your assets anywhere they go. We have the technology to report locations via CatM1LTE, BLE and Iridium satellite. The NEW StarPin asset tracker fits in the palm of your hand, but the small form factor is packed with the latest technological advancements.

If you want more data from your assets, combining the StarPin with our Mobile Tank Monitoring systems will give you a near “on site” experience with Location data, Level Data, Product Usage, Meter Readings, and more.  The Mobile Tank Monitoring system goes beyond tracking, delivering real-time data.

Asset Tracking

The unique StarPin asset tracking device is packed with the latest technological advancements and is truly in a class of it’s own.   At the basic level, the StarPin enables you to keep track of your most valuable assets that are on the move via GPS.   However the device was specifically designed to do so much more.

Feature Sets:

  • Cat M1 and NB-IOT LTE connectivity
  • Zero maintenance solar charging.  No batteries, charges even in outdoor shade, or cloudy and rainy days.
  • Low latency motion triggered GPS reporting.  All features that come with GPS
  • Scheduled reporting
  • Shock sensor logging for measuring run-time or localized motion profiles (generator run time/portable toilet usage, shock/motion triggered security alerts).
  • Bluetooth aggregator: read nearby Bluetooth sensors and report their data.  Currently only supports F100M but can be programmed to support nearly any Bluetooth sensor.
  • Cellular aided GPS in the event of poor GPS signal.

For scenarios where you want to know if an asset has been moved out of a specific area or has deviated from an expected route, “geo-fencing” technology can provide you with an instantaneous alert and through our web-based portal provide the route and the precise location of your asset.With access to Iridium’s pole to pole satellite coverage, if it’s lost, we’ll find it.

StarPin Asset Tracker

Mobile Tank Monitor

LevelCon’s MTM is the complete liquid transport vehicle system. This advanced solution enables you to track your entire tanker fleet and monitor multiple compartments with different products on the same tanker.  With precise transaction data, level monitoring and GPS,  dispatch your fleet efficiently and instantly bill the customer as your driver is on his way to the next delivery.

Mobile Tank Monitoring System

Sensor Technology

Not only do we produce highly sophisticated, state-of-the-art remote M2M monitoring devices, but we offer superior sensing technology as well.  We don’t accept a “one size fits all” approach to remote liquid level inventories, but a custom approach to our client’s needs.

We have partnered with the biggest names in the sensor industry from around the globe and are constantly testing new types of sensors when they reach the marketplace. Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t have proprietary sensors to sell you. We will select the most cost-effective and reliable sensor that meets or exceeds your needs.

Whether you are looking for a soil temperature and moisture sensor or need to monitor the production of sulfuric acid, we’ll find the right sensor for you.  Below are our four most commonly used sensors.

Pressure Sensors

Pressure sensors  are the most economic and easiest to install sensor option to pair with our monitoring devices.  The sensors can be installed internally or externally depending on the application and tank configuration. We have sensors for every fluid and every tank geometry.  Most common applications:

  • Fuels- Gasoline, Methanol, DEF, Diesels
  • Chemicals: Sulfuric Acid, polymers, Fracking Fluids, Fertilizers
                • Lubes and Water

Our MicroTron anti-corrosion sensor is made with a full PTFE body, Ceramic diaphragm, Viton seals and Teflon cable.  The sensor is compatible with nearly any fluid you throw at it.

Submersible Pressure Sensor  MicroTron Chemical Resistant Sensor

Non – Contact Sensors

Non-Contact sensors are effective for dense materials, highly-corrosive materials or simple materials such as grains, grease, and other dry goods. These sensors send out a detection signal that is returned from the top of the contents in a tank. The strength of the return signal is how the sensor determines the depth of the fluid. We aggregate that data into our web-based portal and provide the desired metric.

Senix Sonic Sensor  LevelCon Laser Sensor

RadarRadar Gauge

Radar Gauges provide precision and accuracy regardless of the tank contents.  These are highly powerful sensors that use a combination of beams, echoes and pulses to determine the level of content within a tank. Positioning on the tank is the key to obtain accurate readings.

Radar Gauge

STM DialFloat and Dial Gauge

These internal devices typically come in a sliding or arm float form factor and are effective with propane, diesel, oils, corrosives and other low viscosity fluids. The best features of a float gauge is its simplicity and durability.

Propane Dial  Float Gauge

Solar surveillance

Surveillance & Security Solutions

Security cameras are a great way to ensure safety and security at your work sites.  When connected to our LevelCon security system, all of our cameras can be accessed remotely from your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.  Our security systems can be set to be motion activated or record if a triggering event i.e. high-high alert occurs, pump activation or if any of our sensors report a dangerous condition.

Bulk Plant Tank Farm Security System

Integrated into our bulk terminal monitoring system, is a feature packed surveillance system as well.  The monitor uses an existing Ethernet , Wi-Fi connection or cellular gateway to seamlessly create a local network to communicate to any downstream LevelCon devices. Monitor virtually any number of stationary tanks via the Wi-Fi sensor node and incorporate high resolution IP cameras for total asset protection.

DS200 Surveillance/Security System

HD video surveillanceMobile Transit Surveillance System

These industry-leading devices provides critical data in a way that has never been possible before.  Our robust dedicated cellular gateway, offers a fully-featured DVR system and secure web-based interface.  Able to integrate with virtually any wired or wireless IP camera, the system provides reliable performance and flexibility to help maintain a safe environment for your drivers and passengers.

Mobile Surveillance System

Customized Solutions

Where other companies say “No, we can’t do that.”, we don’t back down from a challenge and our team of talented engineers are ready to create a unique approach and solution to your challenges.

With over 30 years of experience in the M2M telemetry industry, our engineers have created solutions and cleared hurdles our competitors haven’t even seen or encountered yet. We pride ourselves in our ability to design and manufacture unique solutions for the Oil and Gas industry, LPG, M2M and other markets. If you hear, “No, we can’t do that.”  Give us a call and experience the difference. 

To get started on your customized solution, email or call us at  937-689-6537 today.

Demonstration & Tour

For an overview, demonstration and tour of LevelCon and it’s easy to use, secure web-based portal, please click on the PDF presentation below.

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