LevelCon­, a brand of Micro­ Design Inc., is a developer of asset management and control solutions that service a wide variety of industries. Our advanced M2M telemetry devices are compatible with virtually any sensor technology.  Whether you are looking to remotely monitor fuel tanks , soil moisture content or asset location, LevelCon has the right solution for you. Along with our standard monitoring devices, we’ve also developed many custom solutions that helped bring clarity to our customer’s operations.

Energy & Utilities

LevelCon’s advanced M2M, Iot monitoring systems provide accurate, dependable, real-time data for immediate decision making and long term planning, giving our clients more flexibility in distribution, ordering and collection of their products.  

With our easy to use web portal, decision makers are able to route drivers more efficiently, consolidate transaction data, run historical reports and configure real-time alerts to help operations run more smoothly and more profitably.

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Water & Waste Water

LevelCon has been serving the Water and Wast Water Industries for over 20 years as a Quality Systems Integrator. We specialize in utilizing monitored tank level data  for automated or web initiated control of upstream and downstream systems to allow for proper flow and distribution. LevelCon gives you the control of your local pumps, boosters and valves right from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

From municipalities to private community water systems and down-hole operations, LevelCon has the right solution to fit your needs.

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Logistics & Tracking

Keep track of valuable assets in transit via any roadway, waterway or airway. Our StarPin solutions allow you to know when your tank was filled or emptied and by how much and the route traveled to it’s current location.  Increase your bottom line by creating the most efficient route to minimize the number of vehicles you have on the road to collect or distribute your products. We use high resolution IP cameras to provide security and surveillance of these valuable assets from any internet capable device.

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Agriculture & Fertilizers

LevelCon recognizes that the need for real time data is not just for big Oil and Gas, but plays a vital role in the agricultural world as well. Our suite of M2M telemetry devices help farmers, feedlots and cattlemen around the globe optimize their operations helping them deliver the best possible products to the market and into our homes. 

Our monitoring systems are widely used in the liquid feed industry, as well as seed,  powder and liquid fertilizer storage markets. Whether you need to monitor a 3000 gallon remote farm tank or a million gallon plus storage tank, LevelCon offers the best solution to all situations. 

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Animal Feed Monitoring

Improve efficiency in “just in time” or “keep full” routing services with our remote liquid inventory monitor.  The system provides accurate and dependable data for real time delivery needs.  View all your remote assets through the LevelCon web portal and receive configurable alerts via text, email and voice call notifications.

Liquid & dry Fertilizer monitoring

To succeed in agriculture you need to maintain an optimal inventory of product to keep our local growers successful and profitable. environment for your crops.   Utilizing LevelCon’s remote suite of monitoring systems, you can track ever drop of product from producer to end user all from a web-based device.

LevelCon has the right solution for any need from liquid storage tanks to dry good bins and chemical totes, our line of monitors, combined with the industry’s leading sensor technology, delivers accurate data for time sensitive decision making.  Our web-based portal and can be accessed from any computer or mobile device to help make informed decisions based on accurate and timely data.

Environment Monitoring

Agriculture is subject to natural factors that cannot be controlled, it just makes sense to control everything you can. That can be a challenge with assets scattered over large areas.

Many farmers choose to  incorporate a weather station which measures ambient air temperature, PV panel temperature, wind speed and direction, global irradiance, and plane­-of-­array irradiance.  This way they have a total picture of their crops environment.

If you’re raising livestock, maintaining temperature, humidity and providing adequate ventilation of their environment is critical to reducing stress and physical harm. We send you a notification and can activate the ventilation system to protect your livestock from a harmful environment.  In addition to monitoring inventories in feed bins, water tank and pond levels we can position cameras for surveillance, security and safety.


LevelCon monitoring systems are deployed on hundreds of tanks and devices across multiple mining operations in the US and abroad. Mainly utilized for liquid fuel, lube, and chemical storage tank levels, the LevelCon systems deliver timely inventory data to keep operations at their peak performance.

Our monitors remotely locate missing assets, improve equipment utilization, send alerts when thresholds are exceeded, and thwart off theft, abuse prevention and more.

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