Micro-Design, Inc. has been providing innovative designs, complete integration services and solutions to the Energy, Water, Waste-Water, Agriculture and other industries for over twenty years. The MDi family of products ranges from sophisticated plant instrumentation and control to a wireless tank monitoring system to report liquid or gas levels of any number of tanks. Utilizing our secure web-based interface-LevelCon, tank inventories and alerts can be managed from any device connected to the internet.

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For more than 20 years we’ve helped our customers meet their goals of asset management, tracking and control by our commitment to engineering excellence, integrity, and exceptional customer support.  The result is innovative solutions to challenging projects that affect the local and global community.


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U.S. Patent # 4,754,416

June 28, 1988

Universal synchronous marine navigation light system

The problem solved is that of providing a universal marine navigation light system capable of being conveniently configured to exceed all international marine light navigation system requirements including “North Sea” and “Dutch Waters” requirements, without having to run a large number of controller cables over long distances to control the lamp stations.  This markedly lowered the costs and complexity of installing these systems while improving marine safety.


U.S. Patent # 5,023,806

June 11, 1991

Telecommunication System For Remote LP Gas Inventory Control

The problem this solved was one that impacted any company using LPG in remote locations.  An employee or contractor had to inspect the gauge to determine the level of gas in the storage vessel.  Often, this required a significant amount of time and expense for this mundane task.  The solution involved using a microprocessor, conventional telephone lines and special float gauges to send the gas levels to computers more conveniently located.  This significantly improved efficiency and saved a ton of expense and is used today wirelessly.

Success Stories



Utilizing our flexible platform, MDi has developed custom tailored monitoring solutions for their mobile and stationary assets.  PG&E has dramatically increased operational efficiency and safety with our solutions.  LevelCon solutions allow the data flow of critical safety and operations information such as gas pressures, temperatures and GPS locations.


A distributor of various diesel products.  They wanted the dispatcher to know how many liters of diesel product and which type was delivered with a time stamp and geolocation to provide instantaneous billing to the corresponding customer with little or no driver involvement.


A provider of chemical injections systems, Drover Energy approached MDi for a customized LevelCon solution for monitoring fluid levels and controlling injection rates.  The result was a dramatic cost reduction in operations, product and increased well efficiency.

In 2008 we installed our advanced tank telemetry systems at Anaconda Air Force base outside of Baghdad to monitor 15 tanks containing a critical supply of potable water for the AF Base, and it’s neighboring communities.

Cementing our status as the preferred asset management and control solution in the Caribbean, SENA Corporation of Puerto Rico, a wholly owned subsidiary of MDi has just completed the installation of the largest telemetric network for the PR Water Utility monitoring over 500 assets. This has allowed the agency to begin effective measures to reduce the “non-revenue water” challenge that it faces and to improve operating efficiency.

SENA Corporation of Puerto Rico, a wholly owned subsidiary of MDi, designed and installed the entire instrumentation system in this Waste Water Plant.  This includes all PLC’s, SCADA networks, pumps, blowers, sub stations, etc.  The entire system can be monitored and controlled via our web-based portal.

SENA Corporation of Puerto Rico, a wholly owned subsidiary of MDi, designed and installed the entire water supply and distribution system on these islands.  All tank levels and pump controls are monitored and controlled via our web-based portal.

product_stm94442a_newOur STM94442A is listed by the FCC as an approved monitoring solution for cellular tower backup generators and can be found at virtually every cell tower site in the US.



The Syracuse CNG station was constructed on 1998. MDi installed all instrumentation and performed start and commissioning. MDi has been providing maintenance support for all mechanical, electrical and controls equipment since its installation.

Compressors: 3 units, 1400 SCFM each, Engine drive

Transit Dispensers: 2 high flow units

Public Dispensers: 1 standard with CT1000 nozzles

Storage: 3-Bank Buffer System, capacity 270 GGE total

Controls: MDi QPC1E x3, QPS4 x 1, ScadaPoint with LevelCon

Transit buses: 120 filled daily, 70 GGE each

Public Vehicles: 30 filled daily, 15 GGE each


This CNG station was designed and installed by MDi in 2004. It was maintained by MDi 2004 – 2014.

Compressors: 2 units, 250 SCFM each, Motor drive

Slow Fill posts: 120 Dual Hose

Public Dispensers: 2 standard with CT1000 nozzles

Storage: 3-Bank Buffer System, capacity 270 GGE total

Controls: MDi QPC1M x3, QPS4 x 2, ScadaPoint with LevelCon

Refuse Trucks: 120 filled daily, 70 GGE each

Public Vehicles: 30 filled daily, 15 GGE each

This CNG station was installed in 2008 by MDi. All equipment was designed, manufactured, supplied and installed by MDi.

Compressors: 2 units, 350 SCFM each, motor drive

Transit Dispensers: 1 standard with CT5000 high flow nozzles

Storage: 3-Bank Buffer System, capacity 270 GGE total

Controls: MDi QPC1M x 2, ScadaPoint with LevelCon

Transit buses: 40 filled daily, 70 GGE each


This is a mobile CNG application used by TECO Energy for Pipeline repair and CNG backup activities.  It consists of 2 trailer mounted engine drive compressor packages complete with dryers, controls and LevelCon monitoring systems. CNG units and mobile tanker trucks convoy together to various locations as needed.  Designed, built and deployed by MDi for TECO Energy in 2014.  It is unique compressor skid design which does not need any external power, self-contained and compressor driven by 200 HP natural gas powered engine.

Trailer Compressor skids: 2 units, 550 SCFM each, engine drive

Mobile storage:  1800 GGE per truck


A small business owner with 5 CNG powered vehicles needed an economical solution to utilize his residential Natural Gas service and fill CNG vehicles at his business location (closest CNG filling station inconveniently located.)  This 19/40 SCFM solution with 21 GGE of storage has also been used to provide emergency CNG when a driver ran his tank empty.



“We  concentrate on the production and distribution of water and delegate to LEVELCON to provide us the timely data the we need and to maintain the monitoring assets. I do not have to worry about that any more.”

J. Solivan, PRASA Puerto Rico 

“I have to say, I worked with a lot of people providing a lot different services but I’ve never worked with anyone who is as responsive as you are.  Thanks for always providing a quick response.”

Lisa Downing, Pilot Thomas Logistics

“…these are real time I want them everywhere!”

Kelly Malan, Newmont Mining USA

“… the two QT600 URL’s below, these are live and will stay current! That’s awesome as a quick reference to current status.”

Charles E Westover, Newmont Mining USA