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LevelCon Technology Featured in ONG Publication
It is quite amazing to look at an over view of a fracking site opera-tion. One

LevelCon Completes Work on a Sprint and Verizon Unit
LevelCon’s talented team of engineers has finished the testing of

AT&T is pulling the Plug on 2G Connectivity by 2016
Recently we have learned that the M2M world, as we know it,is going

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The T200 Output Controller is a state of the art remote monitoring miracle. This unit has all the benefits of our T200 tank monitor with GPS, Temperature, up to 4 tank levels, but it also is packed with two very robust relays so that you may remotely control your assets. We use a very simple and time- proven modbus protocol to interface with the monitor via our web portal. Simply log into your LevelCon account More..
CNG Packages

Compressor Skids

MDI announces the new CNG package for low suction pressure applications (as low as 5psi) manufactured exclusively for MDI. This revolutionary concept employs a rotary screw compressor on the inlet side, with a three stage reciprocating compressor to reach final discharge pressure. The reciprocating compressor uses a through shaft design so that both compressors are driven by a common driver. This configuration eliminates complicated gear drive mechanisms and the need for multiple drives on the same skid. Customized controls operate both the compressors simultaneously and maintain proper gas flow obtaining high discharge pressures such as 4000 PSI (300 Bar) from inlet pressures that are as low as 2-3 PSI (1 Bar).

In addition to this exclusive package, MDi offers a variety of standard Reciprocating compressor CNG packages ranging from 100 SCFM to 1200 SCFM. They can either electric motor drive or engine drive. The reciprocating compressor is truly balanced opposed in that the opposing cylinders are mounted “in-plane”, thus eliminating the vibration associated with the horizontal couple prevalent in other so called balanced opposed compressors. The compressors, driver, scrubber/separator, air cooled heat exchanger, electronic controls, coalescing filter, are mounted on a structural steel base, and enclosed in a weather proof enclosure. The package features MDi’s proprietary electronic control panel.

All MDi skids comply with NFPA 52 and NEC standards and provide gas leak detection and shutdown as standard. Emergency push buttons are also installed outside the skid for easy customer access. The packages are a simple design, easy to use and plenty of room inside for easy access for repair and maintenance.

Typical SchematicGemini Compressor BrochureMDi Standard Compressor Packages

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